Cricbaba Responsible Gaming

Cricbaba very seriously takes the well-being of our users, be it in terms of security or gambling.

Сricbaba uses the latest technologies to ensure account security and protect your details. Our site is equipped with an SSL certificate, which encrypts all the data and eliminates the possibility of intrusion into its code from the outside. That means that as long as you are prudent enough and won’t leak your personal data to other people, you are completely safe when using services on our platform. In a situation where you suddenly realized that your account has been accessed by someone else, immediately contact our Customer Support Team and describe your situation.

Rules and Principles of Cricbaba

When it comes to the collection of users’ data, you should be aware that we only use your data for the benefit of both parties. For example, to process your bets, protect your balance, and inform you about upcoming promotions and new products, we need to know store information about each of those things in our database. We do not provide third parties with that information, and your data is safe in our hands.

The e-mail address you provided when registering is only used to inform you about various promotional offers and restore your account access. Try to not lose access to your email, as it is very important in cases when you lost your password.

We do not share your personal information with third parties. You, in turn, should not disclose your account information, username, and password to any third parties. Also, do not provide this information to any third-party sites, as then we will not be able to ensure that you are safe from malicious attacks and hacking attempts. 

To ensure a high level of security and guarantee fair play, we ask you not to violate the following rules:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to bet on sports and play online casino games;
  • You must play legally without fraud and follow the terms&conditions;
  • Do not create more than one account, as this is against the terms&conditions;
  • Do not give access to your account to friends and acquaintances.

All those rules are created to allow users the most control over their funds and accounts. Keep in mind that breaking any of them might lead to your account being banned and access to funds restricted.

Withdrawals and Verification 

Withdrawal of funds in the Сricbaba bookmaker’s company is possible only after full verification of the account, as per KYC Policy regulations. The identity verification procedure allows you to secure your balance from encroachment by burglars, as well as lets us know about the fact that you are legally allowed to use our services. All withdrawals after the successful verification process will be carried out without additional procedures and only to the details that belong to you. Even if intruders gain access to your account, they will not be able to withdraw money from it as long as you didn’t lose your banking details as well.

Safe Gambling 

Sometimes it is easy for a person to lose track of themselves and make rush decisions that they are going to regret later on. It is especially dangerous when you are gambling with real money. To avoid making those mistakes, please keep in mind our advice:

  • Do not gamble when under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances that affect your mind; 
  • Do not bet and play online casino games in a bad and depressed mood; 
  • Don’t forget to take a break to maintain a clear mind or alternate gambling with other activities;
  • Never place your savings on a single bet;
  • Do not borrow money to gamble;
  • Decide on a loss budget before playing and don’t abandon it.

If you feel like you should take some measures to prevent yourself from gambling too much, visit your profile or contact our Customer Support in order to set self-limits. You can:

  • The amount of money that can be deposited in a day, week, or month;
  • Implement self-exclusion to freeze your account for an indefinite amount of time up to a year.


As soon as you notice that playing online casino or betting on sports become something more than an occasional activity to have fun or even evolve to be a daily obsession you can’t stop yourself from following, it is time to take a break.

We at Cricbaba advise you to contact our Support Team via email or live chat and let us know you would like to take a break from using our platform for a certain period of time and stop receiving marketing or promotional materials to your email.

Being self-excluded means not being able to create a new gambling account on our platform as well as wager or gamble on your existing account. As soon as the initial amount of time that you set for self-exclusion is over, your account will be automatically reactivated and you will be able to decide what to do at that point.

If you have any other questions or problems, please contact our customer support team. They are professionals that are always ready to help you overcome problems related to our platform as well as resolve questions you have about it.